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The Hillis Group, LLC was established in November of 2004 by Michael W. Hillis. The Hillis Group, LLC provides general contracting and excavating services to residential and commercial clients, working mainly with commercial clientele.

The company is based in east Pennsylvania, and maintains warehousing, office, and equipment facilitites in Wilson Pennsylvania. The Hillis Group, LLC primarily services the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but we are capable of traveling to other locations, and have completed many projects in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
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Recent & Notable Projects

The Hillis Group, LLC is a full service general and excavating contractor founded in 2004.  We specialize in commercial construction and pride ourselves on performance, professionalism
and quality craftsmanship. 

The Hillis Group has retained the same customers since our conception.  Our clientele are well known and respected throughout the industry.  The main focus of our business is to build relationships and develop repeat business. 

The Hillis Group understands the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring exact project specifications.  We will never take shortcuts or compromise workmanship in order to meet a deadline. We properly staff each project and endorse immaculate construction sites.

Included is a list of references who will supply firsthand accounts of our performance, quality craftsmanship, and the Hillis Group reputation for outstanding customer service. 

Notable Projects

Project:  Deutsche Bank Solar Project
(Completed Fall 2012)

Location:  Parsippany, NJ
Contract Value:  $647,771.00
Client:  Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC 
Contact:  Kevin Pierret (908) 534-7415
Excavate, form and pour (140) concrete foundations with rebar reinforcement and anchor bolts for car port panel foundations.  Excavate, concrete encase, backfill and compact 1,900 LF of electrical service trench. Form and pour new concrete invertor pads (includes offsite disposal of 3,000 CY of excess soil).

Project:  Right of Way restoration
(Completed Summer 2012)

Location:  Heidlersburg, Chambersburg and Holbrook, PA
Contract Value:  $1,400,000.00
Client:  Henkel’s & McCoy (Spectra Energy Project)
Contact:  Ed Murphy (610) 754-6207
Provide equipment, material and manpower to restore (17) miles of natural gas right of way on three separate spreads across the State of Pennsylvania.

Project:  Baker Chemical Sewer Upgrades
(Completed Spring 2012)

Location:  Phillipsburg, NJ
Contract Value:  $761,512.00
Client:  The Hajdu Group, Inc
Contact:  Brian Hajdu (908) 454-1115
Furnish and install 2,000 LF of force main ductile iron pipe sewer system in active chemical plant while maintaining access for deliveries and personnel (included sewer pump stations, manholes, new electrical service, repaving and disposal of contaminated soils, concrete and asphalt).

Project:  Cherry Hill DOT Communication Tower
(Completed Summer 2012)

Location:  Cherry Hill, NJ
Contract Value:  $141,000.00
Client:  Mikab Corporation
Contact:  Joe Conway (201) 387-7700
Clearing for new construction. Cut/fill site to grade.  Concrete building foundations, concrete curbing, new electric and telco service, gravel surface and new fencing

Project:  Low water crossing
(Completed Spring 2012)

Location:  York, PA
Contract Value:  $25,000.00
Client:  Spectra Energy
Contact:  Frank Brungurd (717) 985-3100
Install gabion basket walls and rip rap to create a low water crossing @ existing creek.

Project:  Right of way clearing/Restoration
(Fall of 2012)

Location:  Tookany Creek (Spectra Energy)
Contract value:  $235,630.00
Client:  Henkel’s & McCoy
Contact:  Richard Hill (215) 498-1795
Clearing of new right of way for relocation of gas lines.  Included removal and reinstallation of chain link fences, disc, seed, lime fertilize and mulch disturbed areas.  Installation of erosion control blankets.

Project:  Right of way clearing/Restoration
(Fall of 2012)

Location:  Chester Junction (Spectra Energy)
Contact Value:  $169,650.00
Client:  Henkel’s & McCoy
Contact:  Richard Hill (215) 498-1795
Cut, chip and clearing of right of way for take up and relay project. Installation of new retaining walls and fencing.  Restoration of right of way.

Project:  Improvements to Lower Merion High School Athletic Fields (Completed Fall 2012)
Location:  Ardmore, PA
Contract Value:  $181,000.00
Client:  High Tech Landscapes
Contact:  Gary Mozingo (732) 356-4975
Provide equipment and manpower to fine grade athletic fields and prep area for new topsoil.  Project required the removal and replacement of 10,000 CY of soil.

Project:  Riverdale/Butler Below Grade Project
(Completed Winter 2012)

Location:  Riverdale/Butler, NJ
Contract Value:  $165,000.00
Client:  First Energy
Contact:  Rae Mallin (732) 212-4282
Excavate, install and backfill new electric service from new concrete foundations for control building to new breaker foundations.  Work was performed in an active substation around energized equipment. Form and pour new building foundations, concrete piers and breaker foundations.

Project:  Philadelphia Lateral Pipe Replacement
(Completed Fall 2012)

Location:  Brook Haven, PA
Contract Value:  $155,000.00
Client:  Spectra Energy
Contact:  Chris Beaudoin (610) 761-1763
Restoration of right of way disturbed during the replacement of gas line.  Project included the repair of retaining walls, fencing and lawn areas.  The Hillis Group was hired by Henkel’s & McCoy to perform the clearing, fence repair, retaining walls and restoration for their portion of the work.

Project:  El Paso 300 Line Restoration
(Completed Winter 2011)

Location:  Hewitt, NJ
Contract Value:  $850,000.00
Client:  Henkels & McCoy (El Paso Gas)
Contact:  Gary Harbison (405) 570-3370
Restoration of 17 miles of natural gas pipeline right of way for the El Paso 300 line project.  Included  restoration of residential, upland and agricultural areas.  Project was part of a 140 mile job running thru two states.  The Hillis Group was responsible for the restoration in New Jersey (the only spread to be completed 100% in 2011).

Project:  Van Hinesville Substation Below Grade Project
(Completed Spring 2011)

Location:  Jackson, NJ
Contract Value:  $162,000.00
Client:  First Energy
Contact:  Rae Mallin (732) 212-4282
Remove and replace existing chain link fence.  Excavate, backfill and install new electric service for new equipment.  Form and pour new concrete foundations including breaker foundations, control building foundations and concrete piers.  All work was performed in an active energized substation.

Project:  PSE&G Jessup Road Solar
(Completed Fall 2011)

Location:  West Deptford, NJ
Contract Value:  $571,000.00
Client:  JBL Electric, Inc
Contact:  James Leary (800) 525-4628
Layout and install (150) helical piles for solar array foundations.  Grade site, cut and install 1,000’ long gravel access road.  Excavate, backfill and compact new electric service. Furnish and install 1,250 LF of chain link fence, grounding excavation and landscaping.

Project:  PSE&G Millcreek Solar Farm
(Completed Summer 2011)

Location:  Burlington County, NJ
Contract Value:  $355,000.00
Client:  JBL Electric, Inc
Contact:  James Leary (800) 525-4628
Lay out and installation of (3,400) Schletter post solar array foundations.  Excavate, backfill and compaction 10,000 LF of direct bury cable.  Excavate, form and pour concrete transformers pads, invertor pads and switch gear pads.

Project:  Mill Rift/ Hook Road Launcher/Receiver Sites
(Completed Fall 2011)

Location:  Milford, PA/Port Jervis, NY
Contract Value:  $350,000.00
Client:  Henkel’s & McCoy (Columbia Gas 1278 K line Replacement)
Contact:  Ed Murphy (610) 754-6207
Form and pour all concrete pipe foundations and sleepers.  Form and pour approximately 200 LF of 10” wide concrete retaining walls.  Furnish and install new grounding system and gravel surface for both launcher/receiver sites.